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Programs & Services

Positively Limitless

After school club for intermediate and middle school students. Fun, friendship and food. Activities to expand your mind, calm your body and increase your happiness.

Teen Self - emPOWERment (Series)

In order to live an empowered life, you must go within to discover the love you have been searching for.

(7 week series, 1 x a week for 1.5 hours)

  • Are you stressed or filled with anxiety?

  • Do you struggle to fit in?

  • Do you feel alone?

  • Is it hard for you to focus or make decisions?

  • Are you on an emotional roller coaster?

Seasons of Self-Care

for Women

Every season brings something new to experience. As women we tend to put our needs last. Join us 4 times a year to reconnect with yourself and learn the secrets to a happier more healthier life, increased love, inner peace, joy, creativity and passion.

Buried Treasure

an Inner Journey

We must learn to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves in order to  live an authentic life that we love

  • Do you feel stuck in the same old rut?

  • Are you on an emotional roller coaster?

  • Do you long for something more?

Specialty Coaching 

Adults & Youth

A coach is someone who guides you through challenging times so you can move forward with your life, helps you recognize your dreams,  can help you to refocus on your life goals, and can teach you life skills.

Specialty includes – Trauma, Drug & Alcohol Recovery, Holistic Wellness.

Sliding scale fees for service. Some scholarships available.


Positively Limitless Videos

Video coming soon!

Video coming soon!

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