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Events & Calendar

Seasons of Self-Care

A Retreat for Women


Rejuvenate your well-being, experience fun &
creative ways to restore your mind, body & spirit

Please check for dates.

Part of the proceeds will help to fund scholarships for High School students

Community Events

You MATTER - Caring Letters

We are starting a campaign to help end Suicide. 


Suicide is a leading cause of death, and it is notoriously difficult to prevent.


Regularly receiving letters from a caring person helps people at risk for committing suicide feel connected and stay alive...

Call to Action: Hand write a letter of encouragement and inspiration for someone who is hurting.


Send us an email with subject. You Matter-Caring Letter. We will tell you where our drop off locations are.


We will collect & distribute to those in need. Thank you! This one small act of kindness can save a life.

Youth/Teen Events

Teen Self-emPOWERment Day- August 21st 

FREE - Class for ages 13-15. Explore your creative side! Join in making a community project that we will display in our town and make your own one of a kind unique masterpiece to take home.

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