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Our Story

Why Positively Linked

Positively Linked was created to help people find the missing pieces of themselves that were lost due to experiencing trauma in their lives.


The founder Constance grew up as a child of divorce who was bullied in school and spent her childhood wishing she was someone else.


As a teen she spent most of her time trying to fit in by pretending she was part of the “IN” crowd by doing all the things teens do to escape from life and chose to cope with her pain negatively. (Staying out late, lying to her family, drinking, hanging out with people who broke the law, and an eating disorder.)


As an adult she found herself in several unhealthy abusive relationships and had children at an early age. Living in a cycle of abuse, she unknowingly put her own children in harm's way. As they grew up, they also coped with their pain in negative ways, and each experienced their own journey filled with trauma.


Unresolved trauma, grief, pain, anger and sadness find a way to express themselves in your body. Slowly illness and disease took hold and Constance found herself at the age of 30 with a broken spirit, 3 autoimmune diseases, depression, no self-esteem, unhealthy negative coping habits and she was a workaholic.


Over time she ended up working for organizations with supervisors and boards who also abused her and treated her with disrespect and in a hostile manner. Since she was a people pleaser, she stayed in these positions much longer than she should have as it took her several years to realize the impact these working conditions had on her life and her family.

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Life-Changing Moment

“Life will continue to beat you up until you choose to fight back by realizing you are worthy of LOVE.” ~ Constance


Constance was in a 5-car accident on highway 20 in 1995. She sustained a traumatic brain injury and liver and soft tissue damage. Learning to walk, talk and to think clearly again took many months. She was forced to be off work while she healed. She discovered the “Oprah Winfrey” show and learned about many self-help icons who inspired her to study and create a new way of thinking which changed her life forever. (Louise Hay, Depak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Ernest Holmes)


As a result of these changes, she earned professional degrees, Licenses and Certifications in Nonprofit Management, Business and Finance, Psychology/Mental Health, Heal Your Life Facilitation, Holistic Health Coaching and Nutrition, Trauma Informed Care, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Wellness Coaching, Addiction and Recovery, and Parenting Education. She also coauthored 3 books; Move Towards Love, Awaken, The Gift of Inspiration for Women and was a special guest author writing for the magazine SYBIL – The Heart & Soul of Women.


She is proud to say that her 3 children have overcome many of the challenges that they have faced and continue to grow and improve their lives. 


Positively Linked was formed out of the love she has for her children, grandchildren and all people who struggle to feel love, acceptance, and connection.

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