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Connecting People through Empowerment & Education

Paint Buckets

Teen Self-emPOWERment Day

August 21st
12pm - 3pm

Positively Linked is a 501(c)3 Non-profit trauma informed service organization located in Oak Harbor, WA. Our programs/workshops are “Free” or offered at a reduced rate with funds benefiting high school scholarships.

We exist to help you overcome difficult times. Life is filled with ups and downs and sometimes you need someone to connect with on a personal level who understands your challenges. Through our unique programs and workshops you will find meaningful ways to move forward with tools and skills that will last you a life time.

Programs We Offer:

Just Breathe

Mindfulness program - all ages

Crafts for a Cause

Community project - all ages

Positively Limitless

After School Club - middle school

 Seasons of Self Care for Women

Buried Treasure

 an Inner Journey - for women

Teen Self -emPOWERment - Series

SUMMER Teen Self-emPOWERment Camp & Community Art Project

Positively Linked has a volunteer program that enables members of the community to spend time working with our youth or at our special events.


If you are interested in a volunteer position please download the application from the link below...

About Us


Get Involved


WISH Scavenger Hunt Questions #2 & #3:

-Please watch video 1 & 3 -

How would people benefit if everyone in the world practiced mindfulness?

What is the one skill you will need to develop that you will use your whole life?


This video is geared towards teens.

It discusses depression and the feelings these teens have about themselves. With the awareness they achieved through mindfulness they are able to embrace life in a more positive way. 
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